Sant'Agata sui due Golfi

Sant'Agata is the most important hamlet and overlooks all the bay from a height of 390 meters. On one side there is the Golf of Sorrento and Naples, on the other side there is the gulf of Salerno. The temperature is mild also in August due to the woods of chestnuts trees. The hamlet takes the name from an ancient chapel devoted to Saint Agata. The history of Sant'Agata dates back to Greek times; in the Middle Ages it still survived and in the XVI century a new brand of artisans of knives makers was created. In the same century a member of the Festinese family had the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie built following a vow made to the Madonna.

It is told that his daughter was caught by a wolf and he promised that he had a Church built in the same place where he found the child. Inside the church there is a magnificent altar decorated with precious stones coming from the famous industries in Florence and a copy of the Madonna del Pesce made by the famous Italian painter Raffaello. On the very top of Sant'Agata there is the Deserto and the discover of some ruins witness that over there a temple dedicated to the sirens had been built.


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